Wokingham Councillors Domestic Abuse Training Session

On Wednesday 17th February, our founder Vickie was invited to speak to the Councillors of Wokingham Borough alongside the DA Co-Ordinator for the area who held a training session on domestic abuse.

Vickie shared some of her powerful story/experiences along with representing Kaleidoscopic UK clients voices and hopes for the area.

Vickie explained the lottery of services at times and how we can all play a part in supporting residents from abusive relationships in all situations, how vital a trauma informed approach is for all service providers along with consistent and regular training on domestic abuse. She explained how a holistic and collaborative approach is also needed as is a case by case basis as everyone is unique, as are their needs and t

Also the way they process. What is right for one may not be right for all. We must keep survivors (in or out of the relationship) at the centre and include them in all decision making processes.

Lockdown/Covid has been a factor in the rise of domestic abuse BUT it is never the reason as abuse is always a choice made by the perpetrator.

Vickie would like to thank everyone who attended and those who organised such a thought provoking, informative training, she was blown away by the resounding support and passion by all to improve services where possible and work together to solve any gaps.

The response from all who attended has been overwhelmingly positive with the DA Co-Ordinator and one Councillor tweeting:

High quality training on supporting domestic abuse victims given to @WokinghamBC Councillors tonight. Than you to founder of @UkKaleidoscopic, @vickier80353539. for giving us such valuable insights and policy recommendations.