Mysk Catering support Kaleidoscopic UK in March and for Mother’s Day.

Mysk Catering based in Wokingham who make homemade delicious Lebanese food are backing Kaleidoscopic UK this March and for mothers day.

They are donating a percentage of March’s profits to us to help fund our services for those experiencing domestic abuse.

As well as the funds they are donating food to some of our clients to bring some joy to what can be a really hard event/day for some.

Founder Vickie said “We at kaleidoscopic UK are thrilled and totally honoured that Mysk Catering have chosen us to support this month and wish them all the success with their business now and in the future, it really is amazing when locals support each other”.

If you haven’t sorted mothers day out yet, please do get your orders in quickly, this is one take away you will forever remember!

Please take the time to visit at Mysk Catering’s FaceBook page!