Recognising Signs of Domestic Abuse in the Workplace Seminar

Last week our founder Vickie was a key note speaker alongside some incredible advocates and survivors to deliver training to many businesses around developing domestic abuse policies and procedures.

It is fantastic that domestic abuse is now being considered by businesses as 1 in 3 women and 1 in 6 men experience abuse in their lifetime, abuse affects lives in all aspects including workplaces and can often be used as a target to further harass and abuse or stalk as it is a place the perpetrator will be able to predict movements around.

There have been many incidents in workplaces including murders so it is vital all know how to best support staff and the public and keep them safe at all times, while providing a supportive environment and access to specialist services when required.

If you would like help in developing a policy or toolkit for your business or if you are interested in our trainings please do get in touch.

“It was amazing to hear from all the speakers, impactful and informative, Hearing the viewpoint of what really helped and the gaps in workplaces from Vickie, that we can all do something to help support and reach in that really struck a cord, we look forward to developing our policy to support all in our teams”