White Ribbon day- November 25th 2021

White Ribbon day marks the International day for the elimination of violence against women and girls and engaging men into the conversations to help eradicate. 16 days of activism also follow on from this to highlight the reality of millions of women worldwide.

At Kaleidoscopic we took part with our social media campaign across all our platforms with daily posts to show the reality and promote awareness as well as reaching out to those affected by any form of abuse.

We saw a huge increase in referrals as well as engagement, we shared our thoughts as survivors and the impacts short and long term plus the latest facts and figures. Our posts included: Can we then post all of our 2021 16 days and White ribbon ads please that you designed? or a link to them in the resources page please lovely!?

Please feel free to continue to share as abuse sadly happens more than a day or a month a year, it happens every minute of every day worldwide with numbers ever increasing. Lets keep highlighting, using our voices to help those who can’t find theirs and to remove the taboo.