Our newest Patron: Anouska Lancaster

Anouska Lancaster is an award-winning interior designer and accomplished entrepreneur who is passionate about fostering creativity and empowering individuals to live their most authentic lives through interior design. With a diverse background in the arts, she’s carved an inspiring path through adversity, marked by innovation and dedication to her passion for interiors. Anouska’s journey began with a deep-seated love for the arts, studying fine art before transitioning into the world of interiors and entrepreneurship. Her early career saw her designing nightclubs and bars in the west end of London, winning her first award in 2007 for ‘Best London Club’ at the London Bar and Club Awards, and later on, founding a successful design studio that swiftly gained recognition for its boundary-pushing concepts and forward-thinking designs. Her ability to blend artistic vision with strategic business acumen set her apart in the industry.

Anouska’s impact extends beyond business; she’s a vocal advocate for creative arts in education, domestic violence awareness and women empowerment. Anouska fled from a physical and emotionally violent relationship in January 2011 and started her business ‘Noushka Design’ later that year to support herself and her two young children.

Anouska went into police protection in 2011 and was supported by Berkshire Women’s Aid. She represented herself in court against her ex-husband who at the time was inflicting a campaign of terror against her, which included stalking, harassment, a car bomb and an aggravated burglary. Anouska’s resilience, strength and determination to succeed was fuelled by her wish for a better life, a life of freedom for her and her children.

Anouska is passionate about campaigning for relationship education in schools and wishes to meet with members of parliament to implement this important subject into the school curriculum. Anouska also wishes to bring hope to women living in violent relationships and survivors of domestic violence. Anouska wishes to shine a light of hope to those who are currently living in darkness.

Anouska’s designs are a celebration of her newfound freedom and her ability to express herself. Her innovative approach to interior design recognises that each individual’s story is totally unique and that should be translated through the décor of their home. Anouska doesn’t believe in one style of interior design, but instead strives to create a space for her clients that reflect their personal style, just as their wardrobe would. A house is only a home if the person living there feels expressed, happy and comfortable.

Anouska would like to break down the stigma that interior design should only be accessible for celebrities and wealthy individuals. She believes that interior design should be available to people from all walks of life and within any budget. Anouska is passionate about upcycling and will often be seen sourcing pieces for her projects in charity shops and flea markets.

Anouska has received recognition for her work in national and international press and all the leading interior design magazines. Titles include The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, The Metro, The Sunday Express, Homes and Gardens, Country Homes and Interiors, Good Homes, OK! Magazine, KBB Magazine, to name but a few. Anouska has also written for some of the leading newspapers and magazines, including The Express, Heat magazine, Notebook and S magazine for the Sunday Express.

Anouska’s passion is working in TV. In 2014 Anouska featured on the Alan Titchmarsh show on ITV discussing her passion for upcycling. In 2016, Anouska joined QVC as their resident Interior Designer, sharing her lifestyle tips and showcasing home decor products whilst working for Kelly Hoppen and Amanda Holden.

In 2022, Anouska featured in ‘Renovation Nation’ on channel 4, a series which followed Anouska and her husband Greig on the renovation journey of their forever home in Cornwall. Anouska’s bold and brave designs caught the attention and the imagination of the viewers, which propelled her work into the spotlight, gaining much highly regarded recognition for her work and design ethic. The series went on to win an award in 2023 at the National Television Society Awards. Anouska and Greig have just finished filming series 2 of Renovation Nation, which will go to air on channel 4 in 2024.

Recognised for her boundary breaking design style and achievements, Anouska has been honoured with several awards in Interior Design as well as celebrating her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to the arts. She continues to speak at various forums and write articles for newspapers and magazines sharing her insights on entrepreneurship, creativity, and the invaluable role of interior design in personal and professional development.

As a thought leader, Anouska constantly seeks new ways to merge business and creativity, believing that the most successful ventures are born from a harmonious blend of innovation and strategy. Her vision and commitment to empowering individuals through creativity make her a driving force in the worlds of both business and the arts.

Anouska said of joining Kaleidoscopic UK:

“I am thrilled and honoured to become a patron of such an amazing survivor-led charity, Kaleidoscopic UK. Having experienced domestic violence throughout my 9 year marriage plus post separation abuse/violence in the 7 years after, I know firsthand the trauma and impacts that domestic violence victims and their families face.

I hope that my story can be a ray of light, hope to anyone who is suffering or looking for light in the darkness. I am excited to unite and look forward to what we can achieve together for prevention and support.”