Liberation from abuse programme funding from the Thames Valley Police and Crime Commission

During domestic violence awareness month we were delighted to receive the news that our Liberation programme was successful in its funding bid from the Thames Valley Police and Crime commission from their community fund.

Our Liberation Programme was developed in 2020 in response to the feedback of victims and practitioners who found they needed more varied and in depth support from those who understand the dynamics and complexities.  Liberation is produced and delivered by specialist trained survivors for Victim-survivors.

Liberation is a group, Nine-week online holistic programme for adults, exploring all areas of domestic violence, coercive control plus the behaviours and dynamics of  relationship abuse, the reality and the impacts both long and short term.

It helps victim-survivors to identify abusive behaviours, highlights the process as well as options and teaches useful tools to break the cycle of abuse, Validating the significant impact of traumatic experiences and responses.


The aims of the programme is to provide insight and identify various behaviours of a controlling partner during and after the relationship 9post-separation), highlight the support available/legal procedures. Relatable psychoeducation to trauma and trauma responses, enabling and exploring self-regulation/ self-care and finding what works for the individual. The programme is innovative, using many holistic approaches and showing their is life after abuse, discussing intersectionality and additional barriers faced.

Liberation is highly interactive using a variety of learning styles,  discussion, self-reflective exercises, visual media, breathing exercises, somatic exercises, active participation and different expressive mediums to capture all neurodiversity and aid recovery, Empowering and liberating attendees with knowledge, rights, current legislation, practical and healing techniques.

Developed by those with years of expertise and qualifications as well as lived experience. Always prioritizing the victim-survivors wellbeing in a trauma informed and survivor led environment.

Matthew Barber Police and Crime Commissioner for Thames Valley presented a cheque to our founder Vickie Robertson BEM, Patrons and volunteers for the funding of the Liberation programme.

Matthew spent the morning with some of the team hearing all about the course, it’s holistic approach and impacts. He heard from attendees and their feedback as well as those who facilitate the programme.

The discussions also covered domestic abuse as a whole, prevention, education, gaps, provision and areas of strength.

We want to thank Matthew and the Thames Valley Police and Crime Commission for supporting us and our vision to deliver our unique, vital, knowledge, validation, and recovery for the individual subjected to domestic abuse.

Thank you for also taking the time to come and visit to hear more about what we provide and who we support.

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