Vickie Robertson wrote a song from her experiences and Sounds Like Women brought it to life!

Our founder Vickie Robertson was asked by ‘Sounds like Women’ to take part in writing a song by drawing on her experiences of domestic abuse as a child and adult. Previous collaborations together were a great success including Vickie Story being part of awareness campaigns across Poland.

Vickie chose to focus on the recovery of abuse for the song which is not easy in fact is is full of challenges and can be hardat times. Healing takes time and needs the right support. Vickie says “its never plain sailing or straightforward but it is so empowering to find yourself again and also a whole new you”.

Vickie wanted the song to convey that there is life after abuse even with post separation abuse being so common, there is also amazing support available for all.

The hope is to raise awareness as rates of domestic violence/abuse have soared throughout lockdowns. So often the abuse and negative can be focused upon so let’s remind all that there is life after abuse.

Vickie said “singing is a great release as is music, we all put on different genres depending on how we are feeling and to give us a boost on occasion. Music has been a crux and release for me in my darkest times and is such a powerful, healing medium that it made perfect sense to come full circle and write a song.
Marina has brought it to life with her stunning voice and tone. Massive thanks to sounds like women, Marina and all survivors who took part in the video too, We hope it reaches those who need to hear it most”

Please do lend your support by listening/downloading and sharing the single ‘I’m Well’.

All proceeds go towards funding FREE music therapy sessions for survivors