The Domestic Abuse Bill Passed!

The domestic abuse Bill passed through the final stages and has now received Royal assent.

We now have the Domestic Abuse Act!

This in reality means lots of new guidelines for individuals, services and organisations. It means better protections for all victim/ survivors of domestic abuse including for the FIRST time children under the age of 16 who will now be RIGHTLY recognised as victims in their own right!!

It means Post separation abuse will now be punishable by law…finally!!!

We still have a way to go to make sure all victim/survivors recieve the right support but we are thrilled with all that has been included.

We would like to recognise and personally thank Nicole Jacobs our official domestic abuse commissioner of England and Wales, Darren Henry MP, James Sunderland MP, Tom Randall MP, Theresa May MP and Jess Phillips MP who have all been really supportive of us as constituents, survivors and as an organisation.

Thank you for all their hard work to strengthen the bill as much as possible. To all ndividuals, charities, police organisations, government and lords involved we are truly grateful and this Act will save lives.

To read the bill in full, visit the UK Parliament website:

Access our support or education services from survivors: