We are DELIGHTED to now be able to offer the FREEDOM PROGRAMME for children of primary school age!

If we help children heal effectively from their trauma it helps break the cycle, children should be heard and believed always.

This programme is dedicated to all children who are living with or who have experienced any form of Domestic Violence and Abuse. This programme was adapted from accredited Freedom Programme by Pat Craven and Chris Ashton.

Pat and Chris listened to survivors who have escaped but have found there is little or no services for their children. They listened to adults who have grown up with domestic abuse and how that has impacted on their adult lives as they have developed into adults.

Children who have had no choices and no way of stopping the abuse this programme is for primary school children and children are too often the forgotten and hidden victims of domestic violence/abuse.

Kaleidoscopic UK have been fortunate enough to complete this training and are now qualified facilitators. We can work in schools or other places on a 1-1 basis or for groups of children of primary age.

With children now being recognised as victims in their own right under the new DA Act it is vital we help them heal from the trauma so please do get in touch for more details.

We will also be qualified to deliver to secondary ages from September when our Educate 2 Eradicate awareness programme will also be available.