Vickie’s Brighton Half Marathon

So today we faced gale force winds…the worst weather they have ever had for the Brighton Half Marathon…in 30 years!!

It was hard and it hailed or rained most of the way around…but we did it and the atmosphere was amazing so many coming out in such awful weather to support all..

We have also smashed our £500 target and can now fund another support group locally! 🙂

Thank you for all you love and support.. it will help so many people.

Please know you are all amazing and are capable of doing / achieving anything xxxx

Brighton Half Marathon

If you’d like to donate, the Go Fund Me page is available until the end of March:

Taken from WOKINGHAM TODAY (17th February 2020)

CHARITY founder Vickie Robertson will be taking on her next challenge in order to support victims of domestic abuse.

She will be running the Brighton Half on Sunday, February 23, in aid of Kaleidoscopic UK. The charity is run by, and supports survivors of domestic abuse.

The fundraising target is £500, which will be split equally between Kaleidoscopic UK and her 16-year-old nephew, who is currently undergoing chemotherapy for bladder cancer.

Read the full story on Wokingham Today: