The Giving Tree

December is one of our busiest months like all around Christmas but sadly in reality domestic abuse has a huge spike over the December month nationally.

We like to make sure we can support as many clients as possible in different ways and as Christmas plus the year that has been we know how hard it can be.

With the incredible support of the annual Giving tree organised by Gill Mckernan located in wokingham we were able to provide a gift to all of our clients’ children locally. This makes a huge difference to parents who are subjected to any form of abuse especially financially which occurs in 96% of abusive relationships, even after the relationship has ended plus has a direct impact on the ability to provide gifts.

Being part of this incredible initiative is really amazing and we are beyond grateful to all involved who make this possible. There is such a community involvement makes it truly special, this initiative provides more than an amazing gift, it creates smiles for miles and the knowledge that others care, it provides hope, massive thank you to all who took part also, without you none of this is possible.

We were doubly blessed by the giving tree this year with PEAC finance selecting us as part of their virtual giving tree and so enabled us to offer more clients children the ability to receive a gift this Christmas. We are incredibly grateful to all of your staff and colleagues that took part and also for choosing our charity. You have made such a huge impact and the smiles from getting a long desired gift this Christmas, again creating hope and happiness which continues long after Christmas. Thank you.

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