Engage Conference

Our founder Vickie was invited to be on the panel for the Engage conference (picture attached) to open the week-long event in November 2021 that aims to get men to take past and Engage in the conversations around Violence against women and girls.

Founder of White Ribbon UK Chris Green organised this event and held many others over 3 days to highlight how vital it is for men to be part of the conversation.

Vickie joined an incredible speaker lineup including Chris Green, Bjorn Suttka, Derick Botsyoe Co-founder of Action for Equality Africa, Michael Conroy founder of Men at work and Mark Hegarty founder of What can I do? all highlighting their personal and professional expertise on this topic and why it is so vital.

In Vickie’s words “It is not all men that are perpetrators but all men are the solution to this pandemic”  We are delighted to have been asked to take part in such a groundbreaking event and highlight the work of Kaleidoscopic UK and hear from the incredible speakers all the work that is happening around the world to help prevent and highlight the realities.

The feedback from attendees was incredible, we were honoured to be asked to take part and we look forward to working with all in the future.