Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month (#TDVAM)

February was Teen Dating Violence Awareness month and something we feel needs highlighting in our society due to how easily it can be missed, minimised or excused due to age, inexperience etc.

This is something we are very passionate about and spent the month highlighting across our social media as well as local paper. Our founder was interviewed by That’s TV to discuss further. Hopefully by doing so, we are opening the conversations, enhancing knowledge and creating change. https://www.pressreader.com/uk/wokingham-today/20230223/281573769882787

The highest age group for partner violence in England and Wales is age 16-24. Sadly we don’t collect much data before this age due to 16 being the age domestic abuse is recognised as a crime.

Sadly abuse is still a very taboo subject that no-one wants to talk about, but education is the key to changing things.

We know the reports that have been made such as by Safe Young Lives: Young People And Domestic Abuse, found that a quarter (25%) of girls and 18% of boys aged 13 to 17, had experienced some form of physical violence from an intimate partner.

And the 2021 Department Of Education report, It Happens All The Time, found that 67% of girls and young women aged 13-18 had experienced sexual harassment at school from another student, 29% of them when they were aged 11 to 13.

Proving why education on healthy relationships and red flags/where to get help are vital.

We are delighted to now offer our Educate 2 Eradicate programme to Wokingham Borough Schools for FREE thanks to being the Town Mayor’s Chosen charity.

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