International Women’s Day 2023

March the 8th marked International Women’s day 2023 with the theme of #EmbraceEquity and we love this as so often during and after domestic abuse we hear about equality and not equity. If as a society we embraced equity we could create a very different world.

Around the world people are having conversations about why equal opportunities are not enough and why equal isn’t always fair.

We wanted to highlight with our campaign that not everyone starts from the same place and if we want to embrace equity we must recognise we need unique, available support based upon the individual need. This is vital during or after abuse because there shouldn’t be a one size fits all approach, we all experience, process and heal differently and need different support to achieve true equity. Doing so creates true Validation, inclusion, freedom and recovery and ensures approaches are fair and beneficial to all.

We are thrilled that we embrace equity everyday throughout our services and are ever adapting based upon need with the survivor at the heart of all. We were delighted to collaborate with Sounds like Women on a project this #IWD2023 where equity was embraced together and can soon be heard with a single written by our founder of her journey to freedom, encouraging others to explore theirs.