Sanctuary Support Funding

Kaleidoscopic UK were delighted at the news of funding from the National lottery Cost of living fund with the Department of culture, media and sport for all of our Sanctuary survivor support groups from 2023-2024 with an incredible £10,959!!

At the survivor-led support groups you will find a friendly face, safe space, coffee, cake, craft and others in similar situations. We have always included a craft to enhance wellbeing and grounding for those subjected to any form of domestic abuse at any point in their lives as we have found it so helpful in processing and trauma. The crafts then also can be a reminder of the inner strength and life they are creating when in their homes.

The impacts of abuse can last long after the relationship and in creating a survivor -led support attendees know they will be seen, heard and validated. Creating friendships and a support network for as often and as long as needed, in a trauma informed and holistic way.

We empower others with similar experiences to know they are not alone, access the needed support and advice, give practical support and show there is life after abuse.

KUK remains threshold free, open-ended, free, survivor-led and empowering across all our services. Our groups are expanding across the country to meet the need and gaps that currently exist,

This funding is vital to provide all that we do in person and online to victim-survivors across the country through Sanctuary, at whatever stage they are in their journey. It has enabled all attendees to offload and also take part in therapeutic and wellbeing crafts/ activities, explore their creativity and build a support network of those who understand the reality.

With the funding we have also been able to provide all attendees at Sanctuary with fresh food, household essentials, sanitary items and health essentials for themselves and their family. Many are subjected to ongoing post separation abuse, financial and economic abuse in addition to other forms. This has been a vital addition and all have voiced what a difference it makes.

Thank you to The National lottery cost of living fund for this incredible funding and opportunity plus for the difference it has made to hundreds of lives. We are truly grateful!

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