Kaleidoscopic UK Domestic Abuse/Children Blog for the DA Commissioner’s Office

Children do not witness abuse, they LIVE, BREATHE and NORMALISE it.

Today we are delighted to announce that our Founder and CEO was asked to write a blog regarding Children and Domestic Abuse and the gaps that she identified in this specific area.

Vickie shares a little of her story and background to highlight why founding Kaleidoscopic UK was so important and that all these years later the gaps still exist for children.

Kaleidoscopic UK are honoured to support children subjected to any form of abuse and as a ‘by and for’ charity know just how vital it is that all children are heard and understood while making sure we have effective support for the individual’s needs.

Vickie said “I am honoured to have been asked to write this blog for the DA Commissioner’s office, it is so vital to open up the conversations and create needed change, we have such a great opportunity now that children are recognised as victims in their own right”

You can read the blog in full here >>

We are delighted that we offer our recovery programmes as well as our Educate 2 Eradicate prevention programme for children and those that support them. Please email us for availability.

Watch our Child Domestic Abuse Awareness video here >>

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