International Women’s Day, March 2022

8th March was International Women’s Day and we were honoured to be able to take part in some different ways this year. We promoted our campaign for this year’s theme of breaking the bias on our socials to raise awareness.

International womens day

We had a stall at a local Tesco to raise awareness as well as speaking at a local event at the FBC Centre about our experiences and how our organisation was formed, the challenges that Women, Single parents and those subjected to abuse can face and the barriers to overcome. How we can all do that as a society and individuals by challenging our own beliefs and how we can #breakthebias

Thank you to all our volunteers who made this possible, all at Tesco, Wokingham and the FBC for inviting and to all the amazing people who stopped to chat or find more out about our services.

Kaleidoscopic fundraiser