Anti Abuse Charter

We are delighted that our Anti abuse charter was approved by Wokingham Council who will be adopting it throughout the entire borough. This is something we are so passionate about because the impacts can be felt by all residents.

We wanted the council to acknowledge and implement the charter to highlight how seriously they take any form or abuse in any area, public or private settings and they will put In place the support needed if/when this happens.

Wanting to be inclusive of all our charter states that: Wokingham Borough Council stands committed to preventing any form of violence or abuse against anyone in the Borough. Officers and councillors pledge to champion a culture of high standards by reporting abuse and supporting victims throughout their recovery journey. This includes being informed on recognising signs of trauma and preventing victim blaming.

This is so important because it involves everyone in the Borough who may be subjected to any form of abuse such as street harassment, stalking, lewd comments, slurs, assault and domestic abuse. This charter acknowledges the duty of all council members that pledged to champion high standards and report abuse as well as effectively supporting victim survivors and recognising the trauma without victim blaming, something that can be a societal issue.

We hope this charter that received cross party support and championed by Cllr Laura Blumenthal will help anyone who is subjected to any form of abuse to seek the help and support they need and feel fully heard and understood by those they approach. Abuse and trauma impacts can be long lasting and lack of knowledge on trauma can create a barrier to accessing the right support so this is an essential measure to create a true holistic understanding.

We would like to thank all who supported us and voted to implement the charter.