1 in 5 Challenge

April is Child abuse awareness month. 1 in 5 children in England and Wales experience domestic abuse and yet there is little support for them.

We at Kaleidoscopic UK are survivors of domestic abuse/ violence.

We want to highlight how important it is for Children to have a holistic approach and individual support for recovery plus how trauma can have a lasting impact yet there is life after abuse.

We are enhancing and expanding our services as survivors to provide this support and education for others.

We want to best support those by helping them turn the lens and find their colours.

Please take part in our 1 in 5 challenge to raise awareness and some much needed funds by choosing from one of the challenges above or you could create your own!! We are all completing different challenges such as…

1} Run, skip or walk FIVE km or FIVE miles or combine all 3 over the month

2} Swim or cycle FIVE miles or for FIVE hours in total

3} FIVE hour silence

4} Crunch, Squat or dance for FIVE hours (over the month or combine)

5} FIVE hour keepie-uppie challenge (over month)

Please help to support children from domestic abuse and donate using our Go Fund Me fundraiser

Download a sponsorship form to begin your challenge! GOOD LUCK!

Kaleidoscopic UK are here to support you.

Please then share this link with your challenge for others to donate/sponsor you.

Any support truly appreciated.

Thank you so much.

#caam21 #KUKawarenesschallenge