Samaritans Training Session

Having worked alongside the Samaritans for many years it was an absolute pleasure to be invited to deliver some in person bespoke training to their Bracknell and local areas team leaders meeting.

As with all our bespoke training that we deliver, we can adapt to the needs of those we are training and were delighted that as a survivor- led charity, the Samaritans wanted to enhance their knowledge around all areas and dynamics of domestic abuse, the reality, gaps, prevalence and challenge some myths, which is exactly what we did as well as sharing some of our experiences.

What an incredible 35 Samaritans we had the pleasure of interacting and connecting with! The room was full of support and energy from start to end despite the topic and it was our pleasure to add to their already incredible skill set.

They were all so engaged and the questions proved this, we were then blown away by all the incredible feedback, some of which is below.

We would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all we met and all Samaritans who support many in our communities daily and their help, empathy and empowerment saves and changes lives, we appreciate you!!

“As Samaritans, we regularly take calls from people who find themselves in domestic abuse situations.   Commonly, this is male – female abuse, but we also hear lots of tales of female – male, same sex, parent – child or child – parent abuse amongst others.   Vickie and Priya told their stories with such brutal honesty and were able to articulate just how the precise circumstances of every case are unique, and some of the many reasons why people often feel so powerless to act.   The session was incredibly moving, and so powerful and insightful in understanding the context of our calls and in framing future conversations that we at Bracknell Samaritans will have with callers in distress.   We hope that you at Kaleidoscopic will continue to go from strength to strength, supporting those suffering in these terrible situations, spreading the word … and being utterly amazing.   Thank you.”

“I found the session incredibly powerful, thoughtful, and helpful in framing future Samaritan conversations.   Vickie and Priya’s presentation style was honest, direct and engaging and they didn’t come across as victims but incredibly strong young women who made life changing choices.”

“Vickie and Priya came across very well communicating their harrowing situations so articulately and so honestly.   They showed incredible bravery to challenge their perpetrators and gave a clear insight into how circumstances may vary for people in every situation, and how they often feel powerless to act.”

“I thought the presentation was superb.   Extremely insightful and hugely helpful in understanding the context of our calls.   Kaleidoscopic and its work are inspirational and exceptional, as are Vickie and Priya.”

“Vickie and Priya’s presentation was very brave and informative.   Interestingly, when we spoke about it to one of our daughters, who is a family support worker, she said that one of the Kaleidoscopic UK videos was played at one of her training days, which was good to hear.   They are doing a great job, supporting those who have suffered or are suffering this terrible situation.”

“I was incredibly moved by the wonderful presentation about the origin and work of Kaleidoscopic.   I did know of your existence and your work is particularly close to my heart.   I hope you will continue to go from strength to strength, spreading the word and being utterly amazing.”

Thank you all so much, we are already looking forward to the next one, keep being your amazing selves and shining a light for those lost in the darkness!

If you would like support from the Samaritans please dial 116 123 or text SHOUT to 85258