Post Separation Abuse Awareness Week

For many months we have planned our #PSAAW which was the first ever to be implemented in the UK. Post separation abuse became a crime in England and Wales in April 2023 under the coercive and controlling behaviour law of 2015.

We put together a video as well as hosting events and invited to deliver training on the topic throughout the week. This was met with such support and lots of incredible feedback such as: 100% of attendees would recommend us and the training, 100% found it enjoyable, relevant and that it enhanced their knowledge plus 100% felt better equipped to support and identify those subjected to Post separation abuse.

Yellow Ribbon

Comments such as: “A fantastic training session, delivered to such high quality. I came away with lots of learning and reflection on my practice”. ” Please schedule this regularly”. “Well presented, Facilitators spoke at the right level for all to understand and is very clear”. “So informative, incredible, insightful and impactful”. “I have a greater understanding of PSA, its impacts, intensity and not calling it parental acrimony, I will never use those terms again”.


We also designed an infographic for all to share and put together an information bundle for other charities, services and individuals to take part or share throughout the week, with huge uptake. Post separation abuse is often misunderstood, minimised, excused or disbelieved, we wanted to open the conversations, challenge some myths and raise as much awareness as possible. We were blown away by the incredible response with our information and video being translated into many different languages, our hashtag used widely and our infographic alone reaching over 100 thousand people. Many national and also international charities also took part in the #PSAAW to raise awareness and share their thoughts including the DA Commissioner’s office, many MP’s and individuals. This highlighted just how widespread Post separation abuse is and how many gaps still exist.

Releasing our survey for anyone impacted by Post Separation abuse was also a huge success with hundreds completing over the week and since, which means we could gather some additional data and produce some findings.

The colour yellow was chosen for our ribbon due to in part a song about a consensual reunion (tie a yellow ribbon round an old oak tree) as post separation abuse is committed by 1 perpetrator as well as yellow ribbon representing the reminder ribbon, PSA is shown to be a factor in the 8 stages to homicide by Dr Jane Monkton smith, as we know 2 women on average a week are murdered by a current or former partner in England and Wales.

Many of our pin badges were bought and worn to show support of our campaign as well as highlighting how prevalent this type of abuse, the gaps and myths. We want to thank each and every individual, service or charity who supported us in their different ways.

We look forward to raising more awareness next year in September, if you would like to take part in 2024 please do get in touch, please also share our video to or any resources to highlight Post separation abuse.