Our newest Patron: Danielle Baron

Kaleidoscopic UK are delighted and honoured to announce our newest Patron: Danielle Baron.

Danielle is an inspirational survivor who builds other women and children to achieve their dreams through the Danielle Baron Organisation, this doesn’t just guarantee that every child and adolescent enjoys a phenomenal education, reaches their peak mental and physical well-being, and explores entrepreneurial avenues, it also fosters empowerment and unwavering self-belief in women. Danielle serves as a trailblazing neurodiversity pre-assessment learning consultant, bridging the gap between educational institutions and parents, and as an author dedicated to uplifting empowerment, education, and well-being through innovative product development.

In addition, she has set up her coaching company ‘UN BS YOURSELF’, which empowers women to break free from limiting beliefs and unleash their boundless potential, Danielle has founded another remarkable entity named DIVEINC.

Danielle Baron

This visionary company specialises in providing diversity, fairness and inclusion advisory services to a wide range of organisations that dip into service businesses , fashion and products, ensuring that inclusivity thrives in every corner of society. The Danielle Baron Organisation is truly a force for transformative change, touching lives and sparking inspiration at every turn.

Danielle is also an ambassador for Jordan’s Retreat and Think Ocean. She is yhe Director of Education Innovation for Think Ocean and heads up the curriculum.

She has been nominated as a finalist for eight prestigious awards this year, and has been awarded ‘Inspirational Woman of the Year,’ the SME Surrey Gold Award for Innovation, and the prestigious Overall Award for SME Surrey. Winning the 2023 National Business Award due to merging industries for optimum performance.

Danielle shared “For me, being a patron of Kaleidoscopic UK holds immense significance. As a previous assistant headteacher and current educator and advocate for children’s well-being, it pains me to see so many children becoming unwitting victims of domestic abuse within their own ‘homes’. The mere thought of this breaks my heart. Far too often, these young souls live in constant fear, tiptoeing on eggshells. This cycle must come to an end.

Unfortunately, I’ve experienced domestic abuse myself, and I can’t help but ponder whether receiving more comprehensive pre-education, especially regarding the fact that domestic abuse isn’t solely physical, with a particular focus on gaslighting, might have enabled me to exit that situation earlier. 
This underscores the vital importance of raising awareness for charities like Kaleidoscopic.

I’ve also observed and supported friends experiencing domestic abuse, witnessing the profound psychological toll it takes not only on them but also on those around them. This reinforces the urgency of shedding light on all forms of abuse and importance of organisations dedicated to ending domestic abuse.

I feel Empowerment is the antidote to domestic abuse.

We are beyond thrilled to welcome Danielle to the team especially during the #16daysofactivism

United we stand, to raise our voices plus awareness and to create much needed change for all those subjected to abuse.