Michelle Jordan, our new patron

We are delighted and honoured that Michelle has become a patron for Kaleidoscopic UK.

Michelle is a current radio presenter at BBC radio berks weekdays for “michelle on the move” which covers numerous topics and local causes/issues among a heart-warming and an often laugh out loud show which michelle makes all listeners feel like part of the family with such ease.

Michelle presents on BBC radio oxford at weekends where again you can catch her show that makes your weekend far more entertaining, especially in 2020 where radio presenters are all some will get for interaction, again like all michelle does is delivered with kindness, happiness, putting her honesty, heart and soul into it.

Michelle is also a former morning breakfast radio presenter for Heart FM between 2010 and 2019 where, I’m sure like us, you were as heart broken and shed a tear when that ended last year after the station became nationally based. How lucky are we to have the reading treasure still able to brighten our whole week on the radio though.

Michelle Jordan, BBC Berkshire

Wokingham Today

Read Charlotte King’s article “Radio Berkshire DJ becomes first patron of domestic abuse charity” on Wokingham Today.

Michelle is loved by us and all locally and beyond for her honest, bubbly and fun radio shows reaching far and wide, To have spoken about difficult subjects on the radio with michelle and her knowledge around domestic abuse, plus being an inspirational woman in all respects, we couldn’t think of a better suited patron. Thank you michelle for believing in us and being our first Patron and for being the incredible person you are.

Here’s a message from Michelle herself…

Hi there my name is Michelle Jordan. I’d like to help in any way I can to raise awareness of Domestic Abuse.

After having witnessed first-hand one of my best friends suffer at the hands of her abuser and feeling helpless I never want to feel like that again. I also had feelings of despair, frustration, anger and an overwhelming feeling of not doing enough to challenge her abuser and get her out of that situation. I have unfortunately seen different types of coercive control in my friendship group, one in a younger male friend (he was the victim)  & one in a very close friend who had endured this situation for a couple of decades while her kids were growing up.

Luckily in all 3 cases they are now living happy & fulfilling lives, no longer scared but the scars rear their ugly heads now and again. They have all found coping strategies and recognise that they are survivors. I know that some people have nowhere to turn and so the work Kaleidoscopic do could be life changing & life saving!

If thru my social media & my general gobby-ness on the radio helps this wonderful charity then bring it on!

Mich xx