Domestic Abuse Prevention Convention Review

We held our annual Domestic Violence Prevention Convention to mark Domestic Violence awareness month and highlighted many areas of domestic Violence including: coercive control, LGBTQ+, Victim blaming, cyber security, family law, Narcissism and the Domestic Abuse Act.

Many incredible speakers came to share their expertise in these fields form multi agencies as well as inspirational survivors, all with the aim of empowering, inspiring and further educating the attendees.

Domestic Abuse Prevention Convention Speakers

The event was opened by Kaleidoscopic UK’s patron BBC Radio Berkshire and Oxfordshire Presenter Michelle Jordan who captured all with her impressive and heart felt introduction.

Dr Jessica Taylor delivered an interactive workshop on Victim blaming and the importance of being Trauma informed which was so interesting and inspiring you could hear a pin drop throughout her presentation, Nicole Jacobs the Domestic Abuse commissioner for England and Wales updated all on the DA Act and the impacts/duties for all as organisations, individuals and victim-survivors.

Chris Green founder of White Ribbon spoke about the importance of engaging men into the conversations about abuse in society and how we can all empower others, Dr Supryiah McKenna and Karin Walker addressed the issues faced in the legal systems by all service users subjected to Narcissistic abuse and helpful tools to help the legal profession.

Many other speakers covered the impact of abuse on different communities and highlighted areas of improvement for all with their inspirational journeys and work to create change. We are delighted all highlighted that all society can create change small or large by working together, being trauma informed and enabling those subjected to abuse to find the individual support needed.

We were thrilled to have another sold out event that was as empowering as it was insightful, powerful and thought provoking, we are thankful to all those who attended, to all of our speakers, the FBC for all their support and to our amazing volunteers for creating another awesome event, the feedback has been phenomenal with many commenting how empowered they feel to now help others, services who are updating their support and how thoughtful we are as a charity to provide the useful tools and takeaways!  

We look forward to seeing all at our next event.

Attended by Mr Mayor and Mr Deputy Mayor of Wokingham they said:

Wokingham Borough Mayor Cllr Keith Baker MBE said: 

“October marked Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and I am delighted that so many professionals and residents attended the Domestic Abuse Prevention Convention event run by Kaleidoscopic UK. The event was delivered by inspirational survivors and multi-agency professionals who highlighted signs of domestic abuse through a series of talks and videos and illustrated the help that is available to victims. Domestic abuse is an important topic for the council and we are reminding residents that support is available to all victims, regardless of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, faith, disability or financial situation. Our website has information and support available for victims suffering from domestic violence.

 I would like to thank Kaleidoscopic UK for hosting this truly inspiring event and congratulate them on the excellent work they have done to raise awareness of domestic abuse within our borough.”

“Finchampstead domestic abuse charity prevention convention success” – read the article on Wokingham.Today.