Christmas Hampers, December 2022

We are delighted that this year we were able to provide 74 clients and their families with a hamper full of Christmas goodies. The year has been a hard one for most with the cost of living crisis, when you combine this with Economic and Financial abuse that clients are often also subjected to whilst in the relationship or post separation the impacts on the family are huge.

We are delighted to have been able to provide this for the 3rd year running and increase the amount of hampers this year, we couldn’t have done this without a generous donation from Wokingham Town Council and Wokingham United Charities as well as the amazing support from Luke and his team at The Green Room Building Company who helped us collect all the items from local stores, unload and allow us to use their space to make the hampers, then also deliver the majority to our clients whilst dressed as Santa!

We are so grateful to all who helped and to all our hardworking volunteers who helped create the lovely hampers as well as wrap the hampers, plus the amazing community who also helped do this. We were able to provide all the dry good essentials for the festive period as well as practical food and treats for the whole family. Families were amazed by the quality and quantity of what the recieved with many smiles and tears of happiness shed upon deliveries.

One family said “You literally saved our Christmas, I had no idea what to do and had decided we just wouldn’t bother this year. When Santa delivered the hamper i was lost for words, the kids weren’t and started going through it all with screams of wow and excitement. The fact that we live off bare minimum most of the year to have the “posh biscuits” and even “real” mayo was such a treat, you kept us going for a whole week after too with all the meal items. So well put together and great choices for all of us. We can’t thank you enough for giving us back our Christmas spirit and full bellies and making us feel so cared for”.

Each year we are inundated with requests for hampers and hope next year we can again help more families feel merry with full bellies.

Kaleidoscopic UK Christmas Hampers
Kaleidoscopic UK Christmas Hampers
Kaleidoscopic UK Christmas Hampers
Wokingham town council
Kaleidoscopic Uk The Green Room Building Co
Wokingham united charities