Child Abuse Awareness Month, April 2022

April is Child Abuse Awareness month and we wanted to highlight the impact of domestic abuse on Children, something we feel is lacking both locally and nationally. To raise as much awareness as possible we made a short film which will hopefully challenge some myths and enhance knowledge. As survivors we are delighted that finally children are recognised as victims in their own right when living in an abusive household but believe that society and Government could also go much further to better prevent, support and help children recover, thus also breaking the cycle.

Please watch our video and feel free to share.

We are also delighted our video has received such incredible feedback and has now been imbedded in training for many professionals across the sector and beyond.

Domestic abuse and that of children is more than one month a year it is a daily occurrence and the norm for far too many. Together we can change that, be part of the conversations and the change.