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CPS Conference, November 2021

It was a great honour for our founder Vickie to be invited as the Keynote speaker to the CPS conference, especially to mark the start of the 16 days of activism on the International day of the elimination of violence against women 2021.

Engage Conference, November 2021

Our founder Vickie was invited to be on the panel for the Engage conference (picture attached) to open the week-long event in November 2021 that aims to get men to take past and Engage in the conversations around Violence against women and girls.

The Giving Tree

December is one of our busiest months like all around Christmas but sadly in reality domestic abuse has a huge spike over the December month nationally.

Berkshire Christmas Helper Elves

Christmas 2021 we were delighted to have the support of Berkshire Christmas Helper Elves who supported some of our clients with gifts for their children and also with a food hamper for each local family with all the Christmas trimmings.

Domestic Abuse Prevention Convention Review

We held our annual Domestic Violence Prevention Convention to mark Domestic Violence awareness month and highlighted many areas of domestic Violence including: coercive control, LGBTQ+, Victim blaming, cyber security, family law, Narcissism and the Domestic Abuse Act.


Our founder Vickie was invited by Women @ Syngenta to give a presentation/training on Coercive control and the impacts on the individual as well as the workplace on 30th November. We were delighted to be able to provide an overview of the realities and impacts on both the individual as well as the workplace.

White Ribbon day- November 25th 2021

White Ribbon day marks the International day for the elimination of violence against women and girls and engaging men into the conversations to help eradicate. 16 days of activism also follow on from this to highlight the reality of millions of women worldwide.

The Joy App

In November we were delighted to be added to the Joy App meaning that we are accessible to more people within this referral process whether self referrals or via professionals to then be aware of and access our peer support services.

Surviving to Serenity

We are delighted to be collaborating with Meg Toomie involving her new book as part of our #Educate2Eradicate Teen programme we are hoping to deliver in schools from next year, highlighting all areas of abuse including Narcissism.