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The Dash Charity International Women’s Day

It was such an honour to be asked to be a guest speaker at this empowering, important and inspiring event raising awareness of Domestic abuse in all its forms and to celebrate International Women’s day with such incredible people.

Domestic Abuse Prevention Convention

A staggering 1-in-3 women, 1-in-6 men and 1-in-5 children are victims of domestic abuse in England and Wales. Costing the economy 66 billion pounds a year, with a call made every 30 seconds to police about abuse. 2 Women a week loose their lives in England and Wales. We need to create awareness of this […]

The Court Said Protest, Parliament Square

Kaleidoscopic UK were among many organisations and hundreds of people who attended ‘The Court Said’ event in London. The event was to highlight the family court system and how abusers are using it to further abuse. It was to highlight the need for training and a better understanding of all areas of abuse, and the […]

Tell Me Why Charity Single

The recording of this single was to raise awareness of all types of abuse and to give a voice to others who have struggled to find theirs, just as we struggled to find ours.